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Full-time Faculty

Department of Management Science and Information Management

Qingxian An  Associate Professor    Wenjie Bi   Professor                          Ke Chen Associate Professor             Shuzhen Chen Lecturer

Wuhua Chen Lecturer                      Xiaohong Chen   Academician             Xiaojie He  Associate Professor        Dongbin Hu Professor 

Junhua Hu Professor                       Huiyun Jian  Lecturer                         Jinlin Li   Lecturer                            Xihua Li Lecturer

Yongmei Liu Professor                    Xinxing Luo   Professor                      Benjiang Ma Professor                     Fanyong Meng Professor

Liuguo Shao Associate Professor      Chunqiao Tan Professor                    Jianqiang Wang Professor                Lianggang Wu Professor

Chen Xu  Associate Professor            Xuanhua Xu   Professor             Hongyu Zhang Associate Professor    Xiongwei Zhou Associate Professor

Yanju Zhou Professor

Department of Business Administration 

Liyan Cai  Associate Professor           Yu Cao  Professor                     Mingshu Chen Associate Professor        Guobin Dai  Associate Professor

Guan Jian  Professor                        Jianbai Huang  Professor          Jiuyi Huang  Lecturer                 Shengquan Huang  Associate Professor

Ying Huang  Lecturer                       Dayuan Li  Professor                 Ningqi Li  Associate Professor               Zhejun Li  Lecturer

Jian liu Lecturer                               Wenhui Peng Lecturer                   Shenggagn Ren  Professor                Chaohong Shen   Professor  

Chang Wang Professor                     Fuqiang Wang  Associate Professor   Yongqing Xiong Professor            Minli Xu  Professor  

Aimin Yan Professor                         Hailin Yao Associate Professor        Zhitan Yu Associate Professor         Hua Yuan Lecturer

Department of Finance

Jianzhong Chen Associate Professor  Chao Deng  Professor                   Xiaoping Duan   Associate Professor       Faqi Jin   Associate Professor

Pu Li   Lecturer                                  Xiaoling Luo  Professor                Diefeng Peng   Associate Professor          Yulei Rao  Professor

Hu Sheng   Associate Professor          Meiyu Tian   Associate Professor  Xiong Wang   Associate Professor            Ping Wei   Professor

Fenghua Wen Professor                    Qingtian Wu  Professor                Ting Xiao  Associate Professor                 Yahua Xu  Lecturer

Huaidong Yang Associate Professor   Yiding Yue Professor          Haiyuan Zheng Associate Professor          Haoming Zhou  Associate Professor

Ning Zhu Lecturer

Department of Finance and Investment

Shasha Shi Associate Professor      Juan Song Associate Professor    Jianxin Wang  Associate Professor      Guozhong Yang Associate Professor

Xiaohui Yang Lecturer                   Yanjun Yang Associate Professor Jingzhang Yi  Lecturer                        Daming You  Professor

Bo Zhang Lecturer                        Genming ZhangProfessor           Jianghong ZengProfessor                   Lianyuan Zheng Lecturer

Wei Zeng Associate Professor       Xizhen Zhang Associate Professor Ying Zhang Professor

Department of Economy and Trade

Zhengqiang Feng Professor         Yi Fu Associate Professor             Kairong Hong  Professor                     Junfeng Leng Associate Professor

Cuimei Li  Professor                    Kangxiang Li Lecturer                  Xiaoping Li  Associate Professor          Sha Lin  Associate Professor

Zhenbiao Liu  Associate Professor  Hui Tian Professor                    Jinxian Wang  Lecturer                        Yangjie Wang Associate Professor

Can Wang Associate Professor      Zongrun Wang Professor            Hua Yin  Associate Professor                Leping Yuan Professor      

Can Zhang Lecturer                      Chuanjun Zheng Associate Professor Meirui Zhong  Associate Professor  Shuanghong Zhou Lecturer

Pingheng Zhu Lecturer 

Department of Accounting

Qinglan Han Professor                 Hongqu HeProfessor                     Youliang Jin  Associate Professor      Hongmei Li Lecturer

Shihui Li Associate Professor        Xianghua Li Associate Professor     Aiming Liu  Associate Professor         Jiayou Lu Associate Professor

Dongqing WangAssociate Professor       Xu Xiao Professor                Zongfeng Xiu Associate Professor   Min Yan Lecturer

Xuan Yi   Associate Professor        Kai Yu Associate Professor             Huixiang Zeng  Lecturer                    Langbo Zhou  Lecturer

Zhifang Zhou Associate Professor

Department of Marketing

Yanping Gong Professor             Pingjie Hu  Lecturer                      Jingsheng Lei Lecturer                        Jiagang Liu Associate Professor

Jianhong Luo Professor              Lujun Su  Associate Professor        Xiaochuang Wu  Associate Professor   Julan Xie Lecturer

Qin Zhang Lecturer                     Xueujun Zhang Lecturer                Yunsheng Zhang Professor                 Wenhui Zhou Professor

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