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Visiting Professors

Daniel Houser
Research Fields锛欵xperimental economics theory and method, Behavior Neural Economics, Econometrics, Political Economics
Since 2009, President of school of economics, George Mason University
2008-2009, Director of the comprehensive Economic Center,George Mason University
2006-2008, a professor of economics at George mason University
Erte Xiao
Research Fields锛歅sychology and economics, economic experiment design and analysis, decision making, social norms, mood

Since 2015, Department of Economics, Faculty of Business and Economics,Monash University
2008-2014, has been working in the Social Decision-making Department,  Carnegie Mellon University, US
2006-2008, studied for postdoctoral of the PPP (political, policy, public),  at the University of Pennsylvania
2001-2006, Studied for Doctor’s degree of Economics at George Mason University
1998-2001, Master of Management Science at Business School, Central South University
1994-1998,International Trade Department of Business School, Central South University

Fang GAO
Research Fields锛欵nvironment and Resources management

In 2005, Studied for master of business administration (MBA), University of Delaware,the United States
2000-2004, Took the Responsibilities of the director of the Chinese Overseas Ecological Scholars Association for  two consecutive terms; and worked as a visiting professor of Energy and Resources School at the institute of Huazhong University of Science Technology(HUST),  of Architecture and Resource Management School at Hebei Agricultural University, guest professor of Department of Civil and Environmental engineering at University of Delaware, for PhD supervisor.

Yanbo JIN
Research Fields锛欶inance (enterprise finance), risk management

Since 2014,  professor of finance and insurance, California State University, Northridge,the United States
2003-2014,an associate professor finance and insurance system,California State University, Northridge,the United States
1997-2003, Doctor of Finance,  finance and insurance department, California State University, Northridge,the United States, and my supervisor: Phillips, g. M
1995-1997, master of economics, Fordham University
1989-1993, bachelor of economics,with international business direction , Xi 'an Jiaotong University

Xiang YI
Research Fields锛歋trategic human resource management, multinational enterprise management, cross cultural human resource management

Since 2014, professor at Jacksonville state University
2008-2014, associate professor at  University of Illinois (Western Illinois University);
doctoral degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; master degree at  the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; bachelor degree at Peking University.

Research Fields锛歁ost control theory, numerical optimization,  remote communication engineering theory, financial optimization decision theory
Since 2010,chief professor at department of mathematics and statistics, Curtin University  
2005-2010, dean of the school of mathematics and statistics, Curtin University
1998-2005,chief professor and head of the department of applied mathematics, Hong Kong polytechnic University;the bachelor's degree,a master's degree and the doctor's degree at the University of Ottawa, Canada

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