The Mobile Classroom of 2012 MBA Fall Semester (Class2, 3) in CSR & Zhihu Network Technology Co. Ltd

2018-04-12 23:27:35

In order to promote Mobile Classroom, introduce enterprises to class, and help MBA students have a deep understanding of business concepts and management philosophies in different enterprises, students in class 2 and class 3 of 2012 MBA Fall Semester, led by Prof. Jianhong LUO, and Qiujuan YANG, the Director of MBA Center, came to visit CSR and Zhihu Network Technology Co. Ltd and had some deep conversations with company executives.

After more than one hour driving, Prof. Luo and students (over 60) came to the destination. All the members of CSR warmly welcomed and paid high attention to MBA students. Mr. Mao, the Manager of Sales & Marketing Department accompanied us in the whole course. Manager Mao not only led students to visit the Production Line of high speed railway and subway, but also introduced students marketing methods in recent years as well as the future planning of this company. For a long time, with the combination of independent innovation with introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced skills from foreign countries, this company has been improving its system integration ability. It has produced 13 kinds of main line electric locomotives, such as Fast Passenger Train, Van, and Heavy-haul Freight Transportation, with the total number of 4000, accounting for 70% of Chinese electric locomotives. While focusing on domestic market, this company also attaches great importance to explore the international market. It is the first enterprise with the complete vehicle export of electric locomotives and the only electric locomotives enterprise maintaining its performance in the whole country.

In the afternoon, Prof. Luo together with 2012 MBA students went to Zhihu Network Technology Co. Ltd to study. Zhiyong JIANG, Our alumnus and the Chairman of Zhihu Network Technology Co. Ltd, and Qiuping BI, the Executive Director have warmly invited and welcomed our students.

Mr Qiuping BI, the Executive Director,and Vice-president of Zhihu Network Technology Co. Ltd, who is also a 2008 MBA student of CSU, has roundly introduced company situation to us. Established for more than two years, this company has made the best of its technical advantage, management advantage, talents, and the advantage of promoting operation. Its direct-selling city network has quickly grown to be the biggest direct-selling platform in the whole country, with more than 0.5 million members and over 0.2 million Page Views every day. The corporate asset quickly increased by hundred times.

Mr. Zhiyong JIANG, the Chairman, and president of Zhihu Network Technology Co. Ltd, a 2008 MBA student of CSU, has shared his experience of starting up the company. He said he didn’t want to take things as they were, so he choose to start up his own company. Compared with traditional industries, it has more advantages to start up on internet. But whether you can succeed or not is depended on your willingness. President Jiang has especially explained that the core of business management is trust. He encouraged those students, who was willing to establish a business, by saying that the best time to venture is coming.

Students has visited the promotion and profit models of Zhihu Network Technology Co. Ltd Everyone spoke highly of its achievements and expected a better future for Zhihu.

Prof. Luo said in his learning Summary, Zhiyong JIANG was a good example of staring up a company successfully in all graduates of our school. Within less than three years, Zhihu Network Technology Co. Ltd has made great achievements, because of President Jiang’s management philosophy of striving for innovation and his different characteristics from some ordinary entrepreneurs.

All the 2012MBA students have benefited a lot from this Mobil Classroom.

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