The Mobile Classroom of 2013 MBA Spring Semester in Jade County

2018-04-12 23:27:35

On October25, led by Dongbin HU, the course teacher, and Qiujuan YANG, the Director of MBA Administration Center, students in 2013 Spring Semester visited Jade County.

Jade County carries one thousand years commercial culture of Zhejiang. As a President Unit of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce & Private Enterprises Association in Hunan Province, the real estate of Jade County earns the honor of top 500 Chinese Real Estate Development Enterprises, the Most Influential Brand Enterprise of Huxiang Real Estate since 30 years of reform and opening-up, the Top Ten Changsha Real Estates in comprehensive strength, the Honest Private Enterprise in Hunan and the Most Responsible Developer. Since it came to Hunan province, real estate of Jade County has been integrating good industrial resources and working together with some famous companies which have advantages in design, landscape, and construction, such as Tianhua Architecture in Shanghai, ARTS Landscape Architecture, and China Academy of Arts. It has projects in Changsha Xiangtan, Huaihua, etc. Nowadays, in its good faith, the real estate of Jade County comes to Hunan Province together with Jade County. Focusing on Jiuhua Demonstration Area in Xiangtan with its forward-looking vision, it plans to build the symbol of villa in the center of Changsha, by using the best villa model.

The General Manager, Mingsheng XU introduced the company’s development history and development plan, investing and financing means, marketing strategies taken by the company, the usage of management information system. He also has stated his views about some economic hot spots. Students also asked lots of questions, which are answered by Manager Xu.

And then, students came to visit this company’s subordinate hotel--- the Hopesky, and had a deep understanding of this hotel’s Layout, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Management Model, and the usage results of Management Information System.

Through visiting the enterprise and communicating with entrepreneurs and teachers, students learned the importance of integrating classroom teaching with practice. Only in this way, can they achieve good results, and widen their thinking way to analyses and solve actual problems.

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