The Mobile Classroom of 2013 MBA Fall Semester (Class2, 3) in Hualei Optoelectronic Corporation in Binzhou

2018-04-12 23:27:35

On November 1, led by two teachers, whose names are Shengquan HUANG and Qiujuan YANG,, students in class 2 and class 3 of 2013 MBA Fall Semester went to Hualei Optoelectronic Corporation.

Driving for four hours, we arrived at Hualei Optoelectronic Corporation in Binzhou. Manager He, being radiant with smiles, was waiting to welcome us. After greeting, Mr. Qi, who is a doctor retuning from America as well as a Vice Technical Director, lead us to the exhibition hall, and introduced the development history, product technology, and culture of this enterprise. “Light the world with heart” “attitude is everything, action changes everything, performance proves everything” “the top 10 of LED industry”. Workers in Hualei Optoelectronic Corporation keep their promise by the excellent performance and high-quality products. In the following process of visiting, every students spoke highly of the tidy workplace, high-end equipments, and first-class talents in Hualei Optoelectronic Corporation. Consequently, everyone became more curious about what Mr. Huang had told them about the Optoelectronic Miracle in Hualei. How can Hualei create such a miracle?

Led by Mr. Qi and some Alumni, students visited the manufacturing shop of Hualei Optoelectronic Corporation, and learned the operation model of producing. The workers’ skilled movement and smooth cooperation, efficient machines, automatic equipments have all deeply impressed teachers and students.

And then, they came to the Enterprise’s cultural center, and had a better knowledge of this enterprise’s culture.

Finally, they came to the meeting room of Hualei optoelectronic Corporation, and fell over each other to listen to Mr. He and Dr. Qi’s representation. Dr. Qi introduced the background knowledge of LED. The versatile Mr. He told students how to find the crisis from traditional industries, and step into LED semiconductor industry, how it can flexibly use financing to create the miracle of accumulating three billion assets within six years.

Mr. He’s representation is like a grand banquet, while teacher Huang’s wonderful comments are as mellow as vintage wine, which lingers in everyone mind. In the interactive section, with the relaxed and active atmosphere, teacher Yang together with students asked some questions for President He.

Through two days’ learning, everyone has a deeper and more direct understanding of Enterprise Operation and Corporation Financing.

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