The Recruitment Notice of the Tenth Gobi Challenge: the First Round of Business School鈥檚 Gobi Challenge is Just Around the Corner

2018-04-12 23:27:35

There is always a great event making us excited;

There is always a kind of power encouraging us;

With ten years’ preparation, just for this moment,

The Tenth Business School’s Gobi Challenge on Xuanzang Road

We are coming!

From May 20, 2015 to May 26, 2015

Let our mind go with our feet

Let us challenge ourselves with action

The first Round of the Tenth Gobi Challenge of EMBA

Are you ready?

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Business School’s Gobi Challenge on Xuanzang Road is an experiential cultural event held in Global Chinese Language Business Schools for EMBA students. The section of this match is set in Mo He Yan Qi Gobi, which is located in the border of Gansu and Xinjiang. This Gobi was called “Eight-hundred-mile Quicksand” in Chinese history. Over 1300 years ago, Master Xuanzang vowed on this road, and achieved a higher level of life with his indomitable courage.

EMBA students from different universities need to walk in teams through the entire length of 112km uninhabited Gobi Dessert. By facing this challenge, they can understand the rules for success---Dream, Action, Willpower, feel the realm of “Nature and Man in One”, and then they will find the great inner energy that pushes them to new growth. Finally, they will be able to face the higher challenge of their life with more positive, healthier, and more everlasting power. Having been held for nine years, this Challenge becomes the most influential outdoor event and in-depth exchange platform among Chinese Language Business Schools.

Every year, there are a large amount of media contending with each other to pay close attention to the development of this event.

From May 20, 2015 to May, 26, 2015, the Tenth Business School’s Gobi Challenge on Xuanzang Road will be held in Guazhou County, Gansu Province. This event will use Access System. EMBA of CSU has been invited for the Challenge as an Observation University. (Those universities which participate in this event for the first time are all Observation Universities)

We are now recruiting contestants, and looking forward to your joining.

If you are the formal EMBA student of CSU; if you were born between 1955 and 1985(aged between 30 and 60); if you are healthy and tough enough, you will get a chance to be a member of EMBA Team of CSU.

The number of our team is between 6 and 10. Besides, we also need a doctor, a photographer, and a coach going together with the team (theses three people will not be include in the total number above-mentioned).

Of course, if you get a Junior First-aider Certificate of the Red Cross Society of China (or a higher-level certification), you will be priority in the process of recruiting.

Hotline: 0731-88877288銆?88877388

Welcome to join the Wechat Group created by the Preparation Team of “the Tenth Gobi Challenge”. In this group, you can learn more about this event.

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