The Representatives of MBA Teachers and Students in Our School attend the 14th Chinese MBA Development Forum in Peking University

2018-04-12 23:27:35

Qiujuan YANG, the Director of MBA Administration Center, Wei HU, the teacher from Graduate Students Affairs Office, and other four leaders of MBA attended the 14th Chinese MBA Development Forum& 20th Anniversary Year for MBA of Guanghua School of Management held in Peking University---New Management, New Thinking: facing the new decade of Chinese MBA development.

At 9a.m of Saturday,on November 22, 2014, the Main Forum and Opening Ceremony of the 14th Chinese MBA Development Forum was held in Qiu Deba Stadium of Peking University. The honored guests giving speeches on this forum are Dawei MAO, the Party Secretary of Guanghua School of Management, Wei LIU, the Standing Vice President of Peking University, Yining LI, the Honorary President of Guanghua School of Management, Yingyi QIAN, the Vice-chairman of Guiding Committee of the National Business Administration Graduate Education For Professional Degree, Lei ZHU, the Chairman of China MBA Development Forum Committee, Hongbin CAI, the Dean of Guanghua School of Management, Shuo ZHANG, the Representative of 1994 MBA students of Guanghua School of Management, Guojun SHEN, the Chairman of Yintai Group, Huichuan REN, the General Manager of Chinese Ping An Group.

The famous professor Yining LI stressed, “MBA students should be able to have a insight into reform direction.” Taking pilot projects in Zhejiang Province as a example, he explained the great changes in farmers’ life brought by the land reform : the narrowing of income gap between urban and rural areas, the significant increase of farmers' income.

In the afternoon, four industry forums was held in Guanghua School of Management, whose themes were Public Benefit, Cultural Industry, Innovative Topic, Alumni forum. As for Innovation Forum, there were over 1500 participants. The elites from different industries have got together and shared their work experience and outlook of development direction. From the perspective of entrepreneur and investor, Taoran SUN, the Chairman of Lakala Group, and Xitai SHENG, the founder of Hongtai Fund have shared their own experience about starting up a company and expressed their views about the good qualities of a entrepreneur, which made all the participants communicate actively and think deeply.

At the same time, MBA Education Development Forum was held in Building1 of Guanghua School of Management. Leaders and teachers from over 200 universities carried on the thorough discussion about the development of Chinese MBA education. Qiujuan YANG and Wei HU also discussed and communicated actively with teachers from other universities.

At 9 a.m, on November 23, three Industry Forums for Internet Industry, New Energy Automobile Industry, and Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Industry were held in Guanghua School of Management. Internet Industry Forum was as popular as Innovation Forum, Jianzhang LIANG, the CEO of Ctrip, has shared the process and experience of Ctrip’s transition from telemarketing to mobile internet. Jiangfeng LIU, the General Manager of HuaWei Honor shared how HuaWei insisted on the philosophy and quickly grew up within one year. A MBA student from our school named Rui YANG has asked speakers some questions.

Meanwhile, the Round-table Conference of MBA Development Forum was held in Building 2 of Guanghua School of Management. Chairmen of MBA Federation and students representatives from the whole country had heated discussions on the issues of Chinese MBA education development and the social responsibility and social image of MBA students.

At 11 a.m , on November23, the Award Ceremony and Closing Ceremony of the 14th Chinese MBA Development Forum was held in 阿里巴巴 report Hall of Guanghua School of Management. On the ceremony, Hui CHEN, the Chairman of MBA Federation of our school and Hongwei ZHANG, the Vice-minister of Public Relations Department of MBA Federation won the honorary title of 100 Annual Promising Young Persons.

Representatives of our school have broadened their horizons as well as enlarged their views by attending the 14th Chinese MBA Development Forum in Peking University.

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