Bo HU, the Associate Professor of Renmin University of China, Gives A Lecture Titled 鈥淧rivate Equity and Venture Investment鈥? To EMBA Students

2018-04-12 23:27:35

On November 20 and November 21, Bo HU, the Associate Professor of the School of Finance of Renmin University of China came to visit CSU, and gave a lecture titled “Private Equity and Venture Investment” to EMBA students.

There are too many people always regarding Private Equity and Venture Investment as a special and difficult discipline. Instead of directly giving students a lot of professional theories of Private Equity (hereinafter referred to as PE) and Venture Capital (hereinafter referred to as VC) at the beginning, Prof. Hu just used a simple example to tell us that PE/VC was just all around us: every morning, you get up and drink a bottle of milk, then you go out and wait for your elevator. At this time, you probably will watch LCD TV of Focus Media for a second; in your office, you use Lenovo PC to finish your work, or take a newspaper and read the news about spats between Yahoo and 阿里巴巴. Then, you return home and play games on 9you for a while; you use Ctrip to book an air tickets; you buy travel accident insurance in China Pacific Insurance. When you do all of theses things, the giants of VC/PE are actually being with you. But how can these figures make such great achievements? We need to try our best to find the answer.

In the following parts of lecture, Prof. Hu focused on the investment cycle from such four aspects: Financing---investment---management---exit, and he also has discussed the hot topic of Chinese PE/VC, including Red Chip Channel, Special purpose Company, & “China-China-Foreign Model”, RMB Found, the “Landing” of Foreign Venture Investment, Chinese GEM, and Government Position in the process of PE/VC development

Without dogmatic preaching and piling up terminology, Prof. Hu just used some familiar cases to maake EMBA students grasp the essence of his lecture. Students strived to be the first one to answer Hu’s questions, and expressed their opinions. Some students even came to ask Prof. Hu some questions during the recess, because they really want to learn more from him.

Although Prof. Hu’s lecture schedule was only two days, students felt that they really learned lots more than expected. Little did they expect to have such a deep understanding of PE/VC within only two days. The next step is how to put the knowledge into practice and finish the translation from theories to practice. Although Prof. Hu’s lecture time is not too long, it still has a far-reaching influence on EMBA students.

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