Jianfei ZHANG, the Vice-governor of Hunan Province, Advises EMBA Students to Read and Think More

2018-04-12 23:27:35

On November 23, Dr. Jianfei ZHANG, the Vice-governor of Hunan Province came to visit CSU, and give EMBA students a lecture titled “Some Reflections on Improving Governance Ability”.

Governor ZHANG shared his thoughts about how to improve personal governance ability with students. He stressed that the modernization of national governance ability should start with improving personal ability, accumulating knowledge and experience, improving analytical capacity and judgment, increasing professional knowledge and qualification, enhancing communication and expression ability. This is more a dialogue among old friends than a lecture.

When he comes to the point of accumulating knowledge and experience, Governor ZHANG shared his book reviews with students. He said, “We would not only learn lots of things, but also get happiness from reading. But if we could exchange our thoughts with others, we would probably feel happier. In addition, we could also enrich our thoughts by sharing our book reviews with others. Consequently, in addition to doing our work, we must spend some time in reading. Try to read and think more. As long as we pay attention, we would learn a lot from every aspect of our life.”

Then, Governor ZHANG also answered students’ questions about city construction and planning. Every student cherished this opportunity to communicate with governor and they asked him a lot of questions about themselves and their enterprise development. Depending on the rich work experience, Governor ZHANG carefully answered every question and gave some suggestions to students. Students applauded warmly to thank Governor ZHANG for his sincere answering.

After the lecture, students speak highly of Governor ZHANG’s great learning and said that by attending this lecture, they had a clearer objection for the future. Only when we improve our governance ability, can we drive the whole enterprise developing better--- this is the positive energy brought by this lecture. Just as Governor ZHANG said, improving governor ability and personal ability is a lifelong work. Let’s strive together to achieve this goal!

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