The Election for the Fifteenth MBA Union of CSU Held Successfully

2018-04-12 23:27:35

on November 5, the election for the Fifteenth MBA Union of CSU is held in the First Lecture Hall of Administration Building at 7:00 p.m. Huadong LI, the Deputy Secretary of Business School, Prof. Zongrun WANG, the Vice-dean, Qiujuan YANG, the Director of MBA Center, Wei HU, a teacher of Graduate Student Affairs Office, Ping FAN, the Honorary Chairman of MBA Union, Hui CHEN, the Chairman of the Fourteenth MBA Union, as well as other 30 students attended this election. Jiahao SHEN, the Chairman of Graduate Student Union of Business School, presided over this election.

Before the election, Prof. Zongrun WANG, the Vice-dean of Business School, made the opening speech. He said, “MBA Union serves as a bridge and bond to tie up all the MBA students. All the leaders of the Union should take the attitudes of dedication, innovation, and solidarity, and play a good role in MBA Union.” And then, the election officially started. Each candidate made three minutes’ campaign speech in turn. Over 30 candidates made wonderful self-presentation, and brief introduction to their study and work experience, explained their understanding about MBA Union and the post they were campaigning for, as well as work plans for in the future. They also answered judges’ questions. Two former chairmen have also given their own opinions about candidates’ work plans for the future.

In the whole process of the speech, every candidate was full of confidence and passion. They expressed their understanding of some issues and their visionary work plan for the future. Their speeches showed us the grand blueprint and strong teamwork spirit.

After the campaign speech, Huadong LI, the Deputy Secretary, made his closing statement. He said the MBA Union of CSU had a great development in recent years, and he also stated that the development of MBA Union need integration, and more talents. Finally, he wished a complete success for the Fifteenth MBA Union of Business School.

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