Jianqiao LIAO, a Professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology Gives a Lecture Titled 鈥淥rganizational Behavior鈥?

2018-04-12 23:27:35

From December 4, 2014 to December 7, 2014, Prof. Jianqiao LIAO, an old friend of EMBA of CSU, came to visit our school again, and gave a four-day lecture titled “Organization Behavior” to EMBA Students. For the last lecture of this term, EMBA students invited Prof. LIAO to picturesque “Breeze on Water” of Meixi Lake. With the fresh air and beautiful scenery, they have enjoyed a pleasant and unforgettable study time.

Start with a case, Prof. LIAO used some facts to tell students why they should learn Organizational Behavior. He said, “Trying to manage somebody without knowing about him is as blind as jumping down from ten-meter-high cliff without knowing the depth of water. People’s ‘depth’ is different from one another, but we can still learn a person’s ‘depth’ by observing him. Once we master principles, skills, and methods, we even can learn a person’s ‘depth’ in a very short time.” Therefore, in the following process of lecture, on the subject of “men”, Prof. LIAO carried out his explanation, from men’s character to the change of men’s behavior, from the construction of group and team to the efficient communication, from conflicts solving to organization designing. After several days’ learning, EMBA students have not only learned the importance of knowing and choosing a person, but also learned how to become a manager with a personality charm.

Every student has benefited a lot from Prof. LIAO’s lecture. They all took delight to talk about him. With his extensive learning, he almost knows about cases at all times and in all countries; with his humor, his every class is full of students’ applause and laughter. With sense of participation, every student is likely to be a leading role in his next case. With his affinity, he can merrily exchange with students and sometimes even pokes fun at himself. As a teacher like that, how can students not love and respect him?

In particular, Prof. LIAO has also participated in the first training activity of the Tenth Business School’s Gobi Challenge, and kept finishing the whole route. The next day, Prof. LIAO wrote a poet for his feeling about this activity, and shared it with students:

Living under a blue sky without haze---clear;

Wearing soft new shoes --- comfortable;

Together with eighty students---hiking;

Tasting several wild fruits wayside---a little bit bitter;

With several beauties’ laughter in front ----so cool;

This is the EMBA of CSU---happy.

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