The Launching Ceremony of EMBA Outdoor Club & the Tenth Gobi Challenge is Held Successfully

2018-04-12 23:27:35

In the afternoon of December 6, 2014, The Launching Ceremony of EMBA Outdoor Club & the Tenth Gobi Challenge is held in the Meeting Room of Meixi Lake, whose mane is “Breeze on Water”. Prof. Ying ZHANG, the Vice-dean of Business School of CSU was invited to attend this ceremony. Shaoqing, CHEN, the Secretary-general of EMBA Union of CSU presided over this ceremony.

On the ceremony, teachers from EMBA Center of CSU introduced Event Background and Principles of the Tenth Gobi Challenge in details to students. Jin CAI, the Temporary Convener of EMBA Outdoor Club of CSU, introduced the original intention of establishing this Club, and called for students to take part in the Tenth Gobi Challenge. He said, “When we are old, there should be one thing making tears fill our eyes as soon as we recall it. I believe the Tenth Gobi Challenge will be such an unforgettable memory.”

Ying ZHANG, the Vice-dean, has also given great support to students, and hoped that EMBA students should not only see it as an event to challenge themselves, but also regard it as a way to pursue their dreams. And then, he presented the EMBA Outdoor Club of CSU with flag, which was taken over by Murong GU, a representative from Technology Department of EMBA Outdoor Club. Murong Gu said with excitement, he himself was very fond of hiking, so he was looking forward to participating in Gobi Challenge together with his partners, and felt the power of life in the nature.

After the Launching Ceremony, over 80 students took part in the first training activity. They walked five kilometers around a mountain in Taohualing Park, Meixi Lake. “Team in Green Dress” has become beautiful scenery in Taohualing Park. Finally, Yunjian LING from EMBA Class 5, and Ling WU from EMBA Class 4 took the crown of Male and Female Group respectively.

Looking at those figures full of vigor, we can’t help being proud of them. We believe that in the Tenth Gobi Challenge of next May, elites of EMBA Team of CSU will certainly be able to create some great achievements.

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