Documentary: 2014 MBA Fall Semester, Class 1 Students Visit Enterprises

2018-04-12 23:27:35

On December 9, 2014, led by Prof. Minli XU, professor of MBA Operation Management, and Qiujuan YANG, the Director of MBA Center, 26 students from Class 1, 2014 MBA Fall Semester, and 10 students from Overseas Management Training Class of Wan Bao Mining visited four enterprises as following: GAC Mitsubishi Motors Co., Ltd, Sunward Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd, Sany Group, and Broad Group.

At 9:00 a.m, MBA teachers and students came to GAC Mitsubishi Motors Co., Ltd. After watching the advertising video of “the Silk Road Adventure” sponsored by GAC Mitsubishi Motors Co. Ltd, they began to visit assembly shop. As a Sino-Japanese joint venture, this enterprise has well understood and adhered to the philosophy of “fine management”. Its Assembly Line Work, Logistical and Pedestrian Channels, the Separation of Operating Space and Material Area, as well as Kanban Management, were all in good order and well arranged.

After visiting GAC Mitsubishi Motors Co. Ltd, teachers together with students came to Sunward Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. Three Deputy General Managers in charge of production, research and development, human resource came to extend warm welcome to us, because Prof. Qinghua HE, the founder of GAC Mitsubishi Motors Co. Ltd, is not only the foregoer of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering of CSU, but also the Head of Intelligent Machinery Institute of CSU. After watching the advertising video, three Deputy General Managers together with teachers and students had a discussion on the issues of “the Change of Corporation Governance”, “The Application of Operation Management”, and “Methods and Measures of Inventory Management”, etc.

After launch, Minli XU, the professor, led students to continue their discussion. Everyone shared his feelings and gains about this visiting. Two students, who were very familiar with enterprises of the forthcoming visit in the afternoon, made an introduction to basic situations and characteristics of those enterprises. Students were eager to share their thoughts with each other. Unconsciously, it was time to go the next enterprise.

At 2:00 p.m, MBA teachers and students came to factory 18 of Sany Group. After learning the development history of this enterprise, they came to the General Assembly Shop. Sany Group has many similarities as well as difference with GAC Mitsubishi Motors Co. Ltd. Taking advantages of Japanese management model, Sany Group also has formal operation procedure and tidy site layout. It doesn’t use quick assembly line to manufacture the Large-scale Machinery and Equipment because its products are different from GAC Mitsubishi Motors Co. Ltd. But the investment in the aspect of Visualization CNC System showed us the higher-level management requirement of Sany Group. After visiting the factory, they came to GCP Global Customer Portal Management Center, and saw Sany Group’s investment in the Core Competence of upgrading customer service. This system can work in 365 days of 24 hours without rest and realize Vehicle Data Detection, Early Warning, Real-Time Remote Customer Service, Quick Response of the First-Line Engineers, Historical Run Query, and Alarm of Trans-regional Operation. It really meets customers’ high demands for mechanical maintenance.

Finally, we came to Broad Group. Upon arrival, we felt this was a distinctive enterprise. There were pyramidal building, luxuriant plants, various statues here and there, as well as direction board with good design. All of these things showed us the characteristics of this enterprise. Aiming at realizing people’s dream of pursuing the better life, its Non-Electric Air Conditioning, Fresh Air System, Air Cleaner, Sustainable Building Product Line, which all focus on energy conservation and environment protection, show that this enterprise adhered to the original and walked the difference route. Similar to Sany Group, Broad Group also has its Global Network Monitoring System applied to serve customers, which has functions of Online Real-time Monitoring, and Pre-judging Fault.

At 5:30 p.m, on their way to school, MBA students continued to have a heated discussion about their visiting. They also showed their gratitude for teachers and said they had learned a lot from this visiting.

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