Professor Xiangdong NING from Tsinghua University lectured Corporate Governance for EMBA

2018-04-12 23:27:35

Fundamentally, the management issues of each enterprise are relevant to their governance structures and their leadership. In the process of global economic integration, China’s enterprise owners and the top CEO who confronted the biggest problem is competition of the Enterprise System not product market competition.

August 20 to 23rd, Tsinghua University Professor Xiangdong NING was invited to visit the EMBA classes, for students to conduct a four-day course of Corporate Governance.

Professor Ning gave a lead-in from the basic knowledge of corporate governance by taking COFCO(China Oil & Foodstuffs Corporation)'s study case and its "five-step combination theory" for example, he detailed a fundamental analysis of mode of governance of Chinese enterprises and other famous enterprises at home and abroad and further explained the company ownership control, mergers and other relevant issues. Case interpretation and theory generalization, he tried to make complex and convoluted corporate governance issues clearer and more vivid. The students listened carefully and they also sparked many insights on the present situation and the future development of their company.

The teaching interaction between professors and students had been appreciated as a friendly dialogue of old friends. Professor Ning talked freely about study case of business transformation, fully mobilize students’ wisdom and actually share lots of life experience which was highly appreciated by all of EMBA students.

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