Hongji ZHOU, a professor of University of Singapore gave a lecture named Marketing Management for EMBA

2018-04-12 23:27:35

" The essence of doing business is marketing and the essence of marketing is the creation of value. There is no marketing where there is no competition. There is an old saying: Who Gain the Common Aspiration of the People, Who Can Rule the World. " In recent days, Hongji ZHOU, professor from Singapore National University centered Philip Kotler's four sentences as the core and lectured the EMBA students with Marketing Management course.

Among these a few days learning and teaching, the Professor and the whole classmates conduct an in-depth discussion on the subject around the new commercial age features, marketing, systems design, business design, marketing 3.0 operation mode in the age of marketing.

Professor Zhou , an experienced expert with over 22 years working experience at world's top 500 enterprises. He applied his abundant study cases or other accomplishment learnt in his working experience in his classroom. He fully inspired the collective wisdom and new ideas in the discussion. Knowledge severs the society is the principal goal of his lecture.

At the end of EMBA course, Prof. ZHOU shared with students an encouraging sentence: "people’s cognitive ability are limited by time and space, one can understand something at a certain stage of life. However, ... ... All around us, some people who do not know their limits, like one does not know how to end the show...... " He reminded us of a fact that we need to keep an" empty glass "mentality and emits confidence without conceit.

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